Slacker Polo

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Slacker: Inspired by the Flannel culture in the Pacific Northwest, named after the Slacker Generation movement, this Polo is one of a kind.

The "Slacker" performance polo flannel, that's right, it's a performance flannel. The slacker is the original signature JRi look that kicked it all off for us. Constructed from the ground up to look like a flannel but feel like a polo, built out of Polyester so it can move with your body and stretch for comfort. People said we couldn't do it, so we made it. 


  • +20 Yards To Your Drives.
  • Performance Blend-Will stretch with your body When You Need It Most.
  • ColorLock Tech-Designed to Hold Color Longer.
  • Designed To Fit Longer For A Classic Look.

Product Details

  • Performance Cut
  • 100% Polyester